Building Recover Together2021-09-21T15:05:06-04:00

Together is always the first step.

The choice is yours. You can go it alone or go it together. When you choose Livengrin, you choose a path to recovery surrounded by caring and thoughtful people—by healthcare professionals dedicated to the ideal of family—to the belief that togetherness is a powerful prescription for healing. Here, you will discover a world built around community, consideration for others and a deep sense of empathy.

Together marks the path forward.

Embracing Together isn’t easy. Entering this new world requires effort, but when you walk through our door, you’ve entered a world without judgement or contention or disappointment. You have found a place where life doesn’t seem so difficult—where your worries begin to fade away. Together is a powerful tool that can carry you forward and connect you to new paths, new purposes and new tomorrows.

Together is a place of love, laughter and encouragement.

At Livengrin, Together means you are no longer alone and never will be. With Together, your soul will be repaired, your self-respect restored and, yes, you will achieve sustainable recovery.

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