Drug Addiction Treatment Support

Treating addiction requires providing support for more than just the patient. Livengrin’s programs offer drug addiction support to patients, their families and communities. Our clinically trained professionals provide education, treatment programs and support groups to aid in recovery.

Livengrin created the start of its drug addiction support program more than 50 years ago and continues to evolve its treatment to best serve the patient and their entire support system.

Together we can overcome addiction. Perhaps more than any other lesson we’ve learned over the years about overcoming addictive behaviors is that you can’t do it alone. While we also know the patient must be determined to change, there is no shame in turning to others for counsel, love and treatment. Together, with those you trust, you can conquer your dependencies. We’ve helped thousands achieve lasting recovery and we’ve heard that they’ve had to say about their journey. Livengrin patients not only beat their addiction, they find a renewed sense of self and purpose in their lives. Together, we can get you there.

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