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Recovery is a journey that no one travels alone.
Surrounded by caring people and compassionate professionals, addiction recovery can be a rewarding and life transforming experience. Here are five key elements to help you recover…together, with caring support: involve family & friends, enlist professional support, access your insurance benefits, depend on a sponsor, recovery is a community

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Involve Family & Friends

Find the humility to seek help.
Many people feel a silent stigma when dealing with an addiction, but there’s no shame in seeking help. Millions suffer from this very treatable condition. Letting a close friend or a loved one know what you’re going through is one of the most liberating acts you will ever experience. Admitting you need help is always the first step of recovery. Together, with a loved one by your side, you will regroup, recover and rebuild your life.

Enlist Professional Support

Restore your future with Livengrin.
The Livengrin philosophy for healing substance dependencies is simple—you cannot do it alone. There is a whole world of recovery waiting for you and Livengrin is just the beginning. Our entire staff of dedicated healthcare professionals all work together, providing our patients with comprehensive and lasting care.

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Access your insurance benefits

People have insurance for a reason—planning for the unexpected—for emergencies they didn’t see coming. Everyone goes through tough times. Your insurance provider is here for these rough patches. Take advantage of them.

If you don’t have insurance, there are often financial assistance programs available. Together, we can walk you through the possibilities and get you the financial help you need.

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Depend on a Sponsor

You cannot successfully navigate the road to recovery alone. A sponsor is someone who knows this territory. You can call and consult them any time, anywhere. To get in touch with a sponsor, please email us.

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Recovery is a Community

We often hear from Livengrin Alumni that the experience of recovery is the most rewarding of their lives—that they couldn’t imagine living life any other way. When you graduate from Livengrin, you join a fellowship of people who bond instantly with each other. You quickly understand that true recovery has a beginning, but it really never ends. It’s a journey you experience together with others just like you, sharing stories along the way, offering and accepting encouragement, building your self-esteem and your character, always knowing that you’re never alone.

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