Helping Your Fellow Officer Recover From Addiction

“What brought me into treatment was my mom finding me overdosed on heroin in her basement. What got me to that point was the unmanageability of my life; I couldn’t hold a job, I had no money, I was living in my parent’s basement at 33 years old, I had no friends, I was out of options. I exhausted every option possible trying to do it on my own and it never worked. Dying seemed like the best way out of the pain of addiction. I figured it was impossible to get out any other way. When I was high, I would say ‘I don’t like living like this, this is the last time I’m using’ but then as soon as I would start to withdraw and get sick, I would get high without even thinking about it. I didn’t have the solution, but I knew people out there did.” - Mickey, combat veteran- US Army Unwillingness to surrender is what makes great police officers, soldiers and firefighters. It is trained into first responders from day one at the academy and boot camp. “One trooper, one riot”, “Army of One”.  You must be self-sufficient. You must be able to solve any problem. [...]

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