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  • Drug & Alcohol Day Treatment Programs

Drug & Alcohol Day Treatment Programs (Partial)

The Livengrin Skills for Recovery day treatment (partial) program is ideal for those who struggle to stay sober on their own or in a limited outpatient setting but may not need or simply cannot attend inpatient rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Day Treatment Programs (Partial)

Skills for Recovery provides a safe and comfortable treatment environment during the “work day” while still allowing the patient to be home nights and weekends to meet life’s responsibilities. It is also a great transition level of care for those who may be leaving a highly structured residential program and want to “ease” back into their home life.

Program Highlights

  • Monday-Friday 9:00AM – 3:30PM
  • Skills-based learning tailored to address individual needs
  • Daily accountability with freedom to keep up with your life duties
  • Expert clinical team working with latest addiction treatment protocols

Relapse Prevention Skills
Skills for Recovery is a unique outpatient treatment program where Livengrin staff teach coping skills that patients can use when confronted with situations and emotions that trigger relapse.

Once armed with these new skills, patients can use them in their life but still have the support of returning the next day to the safety of the Livengrin counseling center where they can share experiences with the clinical team and fellow group members.

  • Relapse Prevention Gaining the skills to avoid relapse is imperative.
  • Programs Parents and caregivers are welcome.
  • Up-to-date Livengrin clinicians use the latest evidence-based addiction treatment methods.

Typical Day Treatment Program Schedule

9:00AM - 9:30AMCommunity Meeting
9:30AM - 12:30PMGroup Therapy
1:00-2:00PMSkill Building
2:00-3:00PMLife Skills and Holistic Treatments
3:00-3:30PMFocus Group and Wrap-up

Also available in an outpatient setting:

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Men and women, 18-60 in the following groups:

  • Substance Use Disorder and co-occuring mental health disorders
  • First responders and veterans
  • Healthcare professionals

Men and women, 18-26 who have numerous treatment experiences with AMICare.

Call an intake counselor to find out about your coverage and benefits – 800.245.4746. Or fill out the Livengrin Verification Form. Even if you or your loved one is not ready to come in, it’s good to start the planning process. We can help you learn what your plan will cover, your deductible balance, and any other out of pocket expenses. Livengrin can also help you find resources to obtain coverage or funding, through county, Medicaid, or even commercial insurance. Livengrin is an "in-network" provider with most major commercial insurance plans.

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