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Alumni Association

Life after treatment begins at our driveway. We seek to be a source of motivation and affirmation for patients long after they depart. Our alumni can take advantage of an essential link between the individual’s therapeutic process here and the future they create for themselves afterward.

Share your experience, strength, and hope.

Active alumni focus on helping people stay in touch, events and projects, and volunteerism. Involvement with our alumni helps support our recently sober people. Livengrin alumni frequently take a leadership role in our local sober community. They’re at the center of several major activities each year, such as Gratitude Day on Thanksgiving morning and Back to Livengrin Day, our annual reunion picnic.

Alumni Prerequisites

  • Former Livengrin patient
  • At least 90 days of continuous sobriety
  • Involved in a 12-step program, have a sponsor and a working knowledge of the steps
  • Want to pass along the gift of sobriety
  • Give back to Livengrin patients and the recovering community at our monthly 12-step meeting on the third Sunday of every month

For more information, call John Kronbar at 215.638.5200 x1154 or email

Livengrin Alumni Association

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