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Gifting, Donations and Development

Livengrin, as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization needs your help to safeguard our charitable mission.

Livengrin is able to serve the community and grow as an organization only through the commitment of individuals and families, charitable foundations, businesses, government agencies, and faith-based institutions. Assuredly, Livengrin makes effective use of each and every dollar — be it a contribution for patient programs, an honorary or memorial gift, a provision in a will or estate planning, an in-kind donation of goods or services, or any other support.

Your contribution will be used by the Foundation for a vital need we identify or you can specify something that matters to you:

Livengrin’s 50th Anniversary Campaign is an opportunity for alumni, friends and family to make a critical difference in the lives of people seeking recovery from the disease of addiction. In thanks for this generous support, Livengrin is offering a wide range of naming opportunities.

Naming Opportunities

Offices: $10,000 ea.

Memorial Benches: $5,000 ea.

Memorial Pavers: $1,000 ea.

Memorial Bricks:  $500 ea.

Learn more about the Livengrin 50th Anniversary Campaign

This program is named in memory of a young man, the son of a Livengrin Board Member, who lost his struggle with addiction.

Livengrin staff found that keeping our young adult population engaged in treatment was a significant challenge. Eighteen to twenty-five-year-olds are more than twice as likely to abort the treatment process — against medical advice — than their older fellow patients.

To address this need, the AMICare Program provides an additional structured layer of professional services. It includes two additional counselors and family supports working with the patient, their primary counselor, and the patient’s family to address those clinical issues unique to the patient and this age cohort.

This scholarship provides charity care for treatment at Livengrin for those in need of recovery. It is named in memory of a young woman, the daughter of a Livengrin Board Member, who lost her life to a drunk driver.

Leigh’s Story

Leigh was vivacious and personable, a beautiful and outgoing redhead with peachy skin. In 2003, her last year at Penn State University, she was a young woman with her “whole life ahead of her.” Her death at 21 was sudden and tragic, and only occurred because of alcohol. Sadly, Leigh was driving under the influence and rumbled up against a curb. A minor accident, but the car wasn’t operable — or so she thought in her impaired state. Leigh decided to walk home. As she walked on the dark street that led to her house, another impaired driver came barreling toward her. It took only a second. Tragically, Leigh was pronounced dead at the scene.

Contributions for patients can be designated for charity care for treatment (inpatient or outpatient) such as paying for a portion of the costs. Contributions for patients can also improve the daily experience of those in residential treatment, for example by supporting essential 12-step reading; patient education on improving family dynamics; or replacing old furniture in a detox bedroom.

The proceeds from our fundraising events, such as the annual Gala and Ride for Recovery, are invested (along with individual gifts) in Patient Programs. By designating your contribution to this area, you’ll know that the funds are going directly to the people who need the help.

Those who can make major gifts are in a position to do tremendous good for Livengrin’s patients – both for patient charity care and improvements to patient facilities.

Livengrin Foundation has for five decades served its patients at our inpatient campus. Improvements to the buildings have been made. New construction has occurred. But there are significant building needs that must be addressed and that can only be done properly through major gifts to Livengrin.

The society is reserved for a select group of people who have demonstrated an enduring commitment to Livengrin and the fight against the disease of addiction. Their contributions enable them to enjoy privileges reserved just for Society members, and enable Livengrin to continue our life-changing work we started nearly 50 years ago.

This level of giving recognizes Livengrin’s most generous donors who have contributed $100,000 and more in their lifetimes. Century Club members will earn recognition at selected campus buildings. Century Club members will be afforded the opportunity to attend special local briefings as well as conferences with Livengrin’s CEO and members of other distinguished Livengrin affinity groups. Donors will receive complimentary invitations to Livengrin events as well as direct updates from Livengrin leadership. Century Club members are honored at all Livengrin Award Dinners and receive recognition at local events. Members of the Livengrin Century Club also receive all the benefits of the Hansell Founders Council and the Chairman’s Society.

The Hansell Founders Council recognizes donors contributing $10,000 and over annually to Livengrin. Hansell Founders Council members receive all the benefits of Chairman’s Society donors as well as annual complimentary invitations/tickets to Livengrin fundraisers, Ride for Recovery, and top ad book sponsorships. The council is named in honor of the Livengrin founder, philanthropist, and Philadelphia-area advertising executive Standish Ford Hansell.

Donors who contribute a minimum of $5,000 to the annual Livengrin campaign are recognized at this level and designated as Chairman’s Society members. Chairman’s Society members receive special gifts, are invited to local thank you events for major donors, receive ongoing communication informing them of happenings at Livengrin, and are included in briefings and conference calls with Livengrin leadership. Chairman’s Society members also receive annual complimentary invitations/tickets to Livengrin fundraisers, Ride for Recovery, and ad book sponsorships. The Chairman’s Society is named in honor of past and present Livengrin’s Board Chairs.

Some of our alumni and other friends in the community make an investment in Livengrin with the understanding that we will apply it to the most pressing need at the time. You don’t have to select an unrestricted gift – contributions that come to us without any designation for a specific purpose fall into this category automatically.

A memorial gift to Livengrin Foundation honors and preserves the memory of a loved one.

At the time of a loved one’s passing, some families choose to ask family and friends to donate to the Livengrin Foundation in memory of the person who has been lost.

At special times of the year, such as a holiday, birthday, or anniversary, some people choose to make memorial gifts or honorary gifts to Livengrin.

There may be a special person in your life that has personally faced the challenge of or made a recovery from substance abuse. A memorial or honorary gift is a significant way for you to express you regard for this person. Honorary gifts are your expression of respect for a family member, friend, a counselor, an employee or leader at a charitable organization.

*Please include the name of the individual you wish to honor or remember (and if you wish, a special reason) when you send your contribution.

If you or your spouse is employed by a company that matches charitable gifts, you may be able to double the impact of your donation. Consult your company’s human resources office for the appropriate form that you send to Livengrin, and we’ll handle the rest.

A bequest or memorial in a will honors you and your family, allowing you to be forever associated with a favorite cause. If you plan to make a charitable gift in your will, please think it through carefully. Then meet with your attorney to discuss and update your will. Be as clear as possible in describing what you want given, and to whom. Tax laws vary by state, so professional advice on the tax benefits of making a bequest or a memorial is helpful.

Please let us know when you name Livengrin Foundation in your will so we can express our appreciation to you.

If you have specific questions about a bequest or memorial, please contact Livengrin’s Vice President for Development Scott Blacker at 215.638.5200, x1011.

Your investment brings tangible results – for one person, for your community, and for the region. All contributions are individually acknowledged, and requests respected (including anonymity). Donors are kept up-to-date about the organization and the recovery field through our newsletter, emails, and the annual report and other announcements.

Call Scott F. Blacker anytime at 215.638.5200, x1011, with any questions or concerns, or email Scott at:

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