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Livengrin Council

Livengrin Council

The Livengrin Council is a working group made up of alumni and families with patients in recovery. Participants commit to a 12-month term during which they share their stories in workshops, panels, and other Livengrin sponsored events.

At Livengrin we know that if we are to design services and provide programs for recovering addicts, it is vital that we consider the input and expertise the participants and others affected by the disease of addiction can bring to the planning process. In creating the Livengrin Council we follow the premise of all 12-step recovery programs: sharing experience, strength, and hope with others to promote healing.

What Does the Livengrin Council Do?

  • Take part in monthly meetings to develop content for events
  • Practice event using role-playing
  • Participate in quarterly Livengrin Marketing events including:
    • Recovery panels at area high schools and colleges
    • Community workshops led by Livengrin clinicians
    • Livengrin webinars
  • Provide feedback to Livengrin for evaluation of effectiveness and outcomes of events
  • Act as Livengrin “Ambassadors” in the community and identify relative trends or concerns


  • All Alumni Council Members must be active members of a 12-step program, have sponsorship, and have a year of “clean and sober”
  • All Family Council Members must be participating for at least a year in some type of self-care
  • Is not related to another Council Member or have any other Livengrin conflict of interest
  • Complete the Livengrin Volunteer Orientation
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement and media release

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