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Philadelphia (Northeast)

9140 Academy Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114
Outpatient Phone Number: 215.335.3419
DUI: 215.688.4458
Fax: 215.335.3494

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Vickie Phan
Administrative Assistant
215.335.3419 x1054

Mary Cummings BS
HCP Counselor
215.335.3419 x1029

Nicole Crossley, MS
215.335.3419 x1160

Mushiyrah Sharif, MA
FRAT Counselor
215.335.3419 x1208

Philadelphia (Northeast)

Intensive Outpatient (Daytime/Evening)

Intensive Outpatient meets three times per week. Counseling, education, and skill-building activities are provided in each session. Individual sessions as needed.

General Outpatient (Daytime/Evening)

General Outpatient is twice a week and is a combination of group and individual sessions.

FRAT General Outpatient (Daytime)

FRAT (First Responders Addiction Treatment) Program for police, fire, EMS, corrections, and military personnel (veterans). Individual and group sessions provided.

Nurses Lifeline (By Appointment)

Program for nurses, doctors, and other medical specialists.

DUI Assessment (CRN/ASI) (By Appointment)

The Court Reporting Network evaluation (CRN) is a prescreening instrument required by the State of Pennsylvania to determine if a clinical assessment is needed. The ASI (Addiction Severity Index) is a diagnostic assessment that combines with the Pennsylvania Client Placement Criteria (PCPC) to determine the proper level of care to meet treatment guidelines required by law.

Alcohol Highway Safety School (AHSS) (Weekends Only): AHSS is a 12.5 hour educational program required by law for every DUI offense, focusing on responsible decision making.

DUI Phase II Group (Tues evening): Series of eight 3-hour group counseling and educational sessions focusing on DUI behavior, prescription and illicit substances, and addiction.

DUI 8 Week Intervention (Thurs evening): Series of eight 3-hour counseling and educational sessions designed for the DUI offender, with a focus on acceptance of responsibility, changing behavior and insight into addiction.

DUI Weekend Intervention (Weekends): Weekend educational program to help DUI offender develop insight regarding behavior and the process of addiction.

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