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  • What to Expect Entering Addiction rehab

Insurance Verification

Learn Your Coverage Amount

Simply call or submit your insurance card information to the Livengrin admissions team and our staff will check on the exact coverage and out-of-pocket costs involved with admission to the treatment facility. Learning what’s required for admission is a great first step to help you or a loved one begin the journey to recovery. There is no charge or expectation for this service. Livengrin can also provide financial counseling for those lacking funds, insurance, or both to find ways to obtain coverage, find appropriate facilities who may accept specific coverage, or gain the financial assistance necessary to receive help.

Click here to check your benefits.


Livengrin provides transportation service for incoming patients in the greater Philadelphia area who have completed the initial intake process. We also provide transportation between select outpatient counseling centers and recovery houses for intensive outpatient and general outpatient appointments.


Livengrin does everything to expedite the admissions process as quickly and efficiently as possible. As an in network provider pre-certification (approval from your insurance company) is often required and may lengthn the process to 2-3 hours.

Assessment Outcomes

We are open 24/7 for admission and while you can just walk in, we do recommend scheduling an appointment prior to arrival to expedite the process. The individual will meet with a member of the intake team to sign all required consents, update any missing information, and provide required documents for copying. The individual will then visit with a clinical team member who will conduct an interview required for all payment plans to determine the level of care needed. This evaluation follows mandated American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria. Livengrin is dually licensed to treat both substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues.

Please bring the following documentation to the scheduled assessment appointment:

  • Valid photo I.D.
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Any financial obligation which applies to the individual’s insurance plan

There are various outcomes that the assessment will identity:

  • Detoxification at our medical facility
  • Inpatient (Detox or Rehab at our location)
  • Day Treatment (Partial Hospitalization – inpatient during day, return home at night)
  • Intensive Outpatient (three times per week)
  • General Outpatient
  • No treatment recommended without supporting collateral information
  • Referral to another medical facility to treat a special physical or mental circumstance that Livengrin cannot treat


Approval from Your Insurance Firm

Once the assessment is completed, the assessment counselor will submit the information to the insurance company to obtain an authorization (often called pre-certification) for treatment. Livengrin cannot provide a guarantee of admission without authorization from the company that manages the benefits for your insurance plan.

Our clinical staff will make every effort to obtain an approval for the clinical recommendation, but the insurance company will make the final determination on approval of services requested. If you are not in agreement with the insurance company’s determination, there is an appeals process outlined for each insurance plan. However, you may decide to self-pay during this appeal. This is also explained on the Financial & Insurance page.

Unfortunately, this process may take some time ranging from 15 to 20 minutes up to several hours (the length of time will depend on the insurance company). Please try to be patient as our staff is doing everything possible to ensure you or your loved one will be authorized for the services for which they have been recommended. Throughout this process the assessor will continue to keep you updated on the status.

Payment Requirements

At this time, payments can be made by check (photo I.D. required for the individual writing check), cash money order, cashier check, credit card, or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), or Health Savings Account (HAS) card which bears a credit card logo.

For Families

Livengrin invites families to visit their loved ones in treatment once they are healthy enough to receive visitors. Livengrin does require that loved ones attend one of the Livengrin family education meetings. These are crucial to help ensure the patient stays engaged in treatment. The program, called Day of Enlightenment, is held every Wednesday night and Saturday morning before visitation hours.





Checking In

For Those Who Assess to Outpatient Care

Livengrin admissions will set up an appointment for you to commence treatment at one of our seven area locations or refer you to another accredited, convenient facility that takes your insurance.

For Those Who Assess to Inpatient Care (Detox or Residential)

Livengrin’s number one priority is patient safety and security. Upon entering the facility, you will be taken to a private room where a professional staff tech (of like gender) will discreetly search for contraband. You will be issued hospital scrubs as all clothing you have brought will be sanitized in our laundry facility. Your belongings will be returned to you as soon as possible.

Livengrin understands this may seem inconvenient and even intrusive to some, but it is done to protect you from other patients who may not be as committed to their recovery.

Laundry machines are available in the houses at no charge, so Livengrin asks that patients bring no more than one suitcase for an inpatient stay. Forgotten or needed items can be dropped off at our security house. For obvious reasons, outside food and drink are not permitted. All dropped off items will be searched and sanitized before being delivered

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We learn about you with a one-on-one meeting with a trained assessment counselor determines the exact nature of the patient's physical and psychological status, and the appropriate treatment to address those issues.

When coming to Livengrin, bring your health-insurance ID card, a photo ID, and the names and phone numbers of your physician and/or other doctors who have seen you, therapist, etc.

A complete list can be found here on the What to Bring pdf.

livengrin drug alcohol detox What to Bring for Inpatient Treatment

Livengrin understands that chemical dependency is a disease that affects all members of a family. We place great emphasis on helping families to understand substance abuse and addiction, and to clarify loved ones' roles in a patient's recovery. Very few people can be successful in their recovery without the help of others.

The Family Support page will give you a complete list of all services.

Please remember that it is a patient's responsibility to obtain pre-approval for visitors. Staff will inspect all packages, bags or envelopes. There are specific visiting hours for the inpatient program at Livengrin.

In order to visit, all visitors must attend our "Day of Enlightenment Seminar" that informs and prepares loved ones for their crucial role as part of the patient's recovery.

Livengrin can provide transportation to its main campus from local bus, rail and air connections, medical or other treatment facilities, or other appropriate locations. We are conveniently located near I-95, US 1 and the Bensalem exit of the PA Turnpike.


Every Livengrin location has free parking.

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