Medications To Help You Stop Drinking & Drug Use

While there are no easy ways to battle Substance use Disorder (SUD) there are different medications available to assist in the therapeutic process. Chances are that your problems didn’t start overnight and for most people we see come through our doors, they have been abusing drugs and alcohol for years. drugs-to-stop-drinking.

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Does Drinking Improve Your Mood? Finding Happiness…

Exercise Is Forest Gump’s Solution Having a bad day? Perhaps your world just feels a bit heavier these days and you just can’t figure out why. The solution for some folks has been to reach for a drink when things get tough. What about when you had a particular good day and you wish to share that excitement with others? Can your moods be enhanced or altered by drinking? This study published by the National Institute of Health looks at Alcohol, Moods and Male-Female Differences. It finds that although a particular mood may be the motivator for a person to party or “Get Drunk”, neither men nor women who drink heavily effectively drown their sorrows with alcohol. So certain moods do influence drinking behavior but ultimately there can be many excuses a person uses to rationalize their desire to drink. Breaking the drinking habit just gets tougher the more your rely on alcohol. So what can you do “when **IT” really hits the fan? Are your pursuing healthier habits that bring happiness? Well Forest Gump used some exercise when things got tough for him. Here are three more suggestions that will change your mood rather than reaching for a [...]

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Talking to Your Teens About Drugs Continues for Years

Whether you have never touched a beer or you once were the life of the party, you were young once and you know that drugs and alcohol use will inevitably come up in teenage conversations. If you want to ensure your kids remain safe and responsible, you should know what teens use, why they choose certain drugs and how you can help prevent your kids from following suit. The conversation with your kids needs to be ongoing. […]

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Many Rehabs in Palm Beach Florida Are Dangerous

NBC News uncovers the sad truth about the billion-dollar drug treatment industry in Palm Beach County Florida. This video is so compelling that we need to share this reality with those in our region who may be considering one of the 400 drug rehabs in Florida for a loved one in their lives.

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Sober Activities After Work Requires Rethinking What’s Important

Now what do I do? While in rehab I learned that I could never drink safely again and I am told to avoid people, places and things that may cause me to consider drinking at all costs. Well, I must work and going out for a drink after work with my coworkers is just part of the culture, isn’t it? In this study from Statitia, more than 75% […]

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How Do I Know If My Child Is Using Opiates?

The opioid crisis is growing in the United States, and unfortunately, many teenagers are getting caught in the crossfire. More than 13,000 children and teens visited the hospital for some variant of opioid poisoning in a 12-year period leading up to 2012 and each year that number continues to increase1. This video from The Journal of the American Medical Association highlights an increase of 176% since 1997. […]

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What Is Alcoholism Costing Your Business?

  Alcohol Abuse Costs Business Without Exception Active alcoholism appears in the workplace in many different ways. The more obvious presence is in the form of absenteeism for a heavy drinker. Your model employee may not start out as a big drinker and sometimes it is hard to tell there is a problem initially. When the problem develops over time, […]

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How Long to Detox from Alcohol

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem, with an estimated 88,000 people dying each year due to alcohol-related issues. Out of the estimated 15.1 million people who have alcohol use disorder, more commonly thought of as alcoholism or alcohol addiction, just 8.3 percent of those who need it sought help. For many, the discomfort of detoxing from alcohol coupled with the physical craving by the body to consume more often outweighs the desire to seek help. Detox From Alcohol At Home Is Not Wise Believe it or not, alcohol is actually one of the most dangerous drugs from which to detox. This is because some of the alcohol detox symptoms, such as seizures and excessive dehydration, can be life threatening. In the most serious of cases, a condition known as delirium tremens might occur, and those at risk of this condition should only detox under medical supervision. It is important to understand what to expect, including how long the detoxification process will take, before starting. […]

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