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Livengrin Addiction Recovery Centers

Supporting the Family

A substance abuse problem affects all aspects of a person’s life, including relationships, families, and children. For this reason all loved ones need to be involved in the treatment process.

Livengrin helps families heal themselves and, in the process, foster a new relationship with their person in treatment that is most conducive for recovery.

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Livengrin Terms and Definitions


12-Step Program– Peer-based, grassroots movement that provides recovery support
AA-12 step program designed for people with alcohol addiction
Aftercare– Recommended next steps following a level of care
Al-Anon– 12 step support for families of alcoholics
Alternative Treatment– A form of treatment that may or may not be evidenced base
Assessment-Clinical intervention whereas the proper level of care (if any) is determined
Bump Up-Moving to a more intensive level of care
CA-Cocaine Anonymous
CARF- Third Party Accreditation Agency for substance abuse treatment facilities
CBT-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Co-occurring Disorders-Presence of both a substance use and mental health disorder
Co-Pay– Patient Financial responsibility when seeking medical or behavioral health treatment services (called co-insurance when it is a percentage of the fee example 80% covered, 20% paid by patient)
DBT-Dialectical Behavior Therapy
DDAP- Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs is the agency responsible for granting and renewing facility licenses
Dual Diagnosis– Presence of both a substance use and mental health disorder (also called co-occurring disorder)
EAP-Employee Assistance Professional. This person is a third party advocate to help employees, and often their covered dependents confidentially obtain behavioral health or substance abuse help within the confines of their health plans.
Enabling-Continued support of maladaptive behavior
Evidence-Based Treatment-Treatment models rooted and supported by research
Extended Care- Similar to Halfway house, a longer length of stay commonly used after residential rehab. A combination recovery house with a full day partial program can be an excellent extended program for certain patients
Halfway House– A licensed level of care; less intense than residential rehab but with professional staff unlike recovery houses
Holistic Treatment– Mind, Body, Spirit
In Network Provider-A facility that has pre-negotiated contract rates and terms with your insurance plan, usually, accepts all HMO type policies.
Intervention– The science of increasing motivation to change behaviors
The Joint Commission-A third Party accreditation agency for both behavioral and physical health organizations.  Livengrin has been accredited since 1980
LOS-Length of Stay at a particular level of care or an entire continuum of care
MAT– Medication Assisted Treatment
MRT– Moral Recantation Therapy
NA-12 step program for people with drug addictions
Nar-Anon-12 step support for families of addicts
Narcan– Medication used to revive someone from an overdose
Out of network provider– A facility that has no existing contract with your carrier but is licensed by their state to provide addiction treatment. If your plan has a PPO benefit, you can go to any licensed provider and your insurance will cover it, although usually with higher deductible payments. Make sure you understand if you are responsible for any uncovered services or balances that your insurance company won’t pay.
PCC-Patient Care Coordinator. Aftercare person who helps with non-clinical need and helps get patient engaged in early recovery
PHP-Partial hospitalization program also called “partial” or more recently “Day treatment” is a full day treatment program, usually similar to the inpatient schedule but the patient may go home (or to a sober living house) in the evening and possibly the weekend.
Precertification– Often called a “pre-cert”,  is the authorization required by most insurance companies to admit a covered patient into treatment after reviewing the patient’s assessment
Prom note: A legal and binding promissory note where the facility agrees to special terms to allow the patient to pay for their uncovered fees or deductibles over time. (Do not just sign these in crisis without knowing what you are signing)
Public Provider– A treatment facility that accepts most Medicaid and publicly funded county policies.
Recovery– A profound, progressive change of thought, behavior and attitudes and the ability to adapt to life on life’s terms without the use of alcohol and or drugs
Recovery House– A private business that provides a highly structured recovery oriented living environment (more strict than a sober house)
Relapse– The return of addictive behavior
Sober Living– A private residential living facility that provides a supportive recovery living environment
Step-Down- Moving to a less intensive level of care
Suboxone– Medication that is partial agonist and antagonist used to treat opioid addiction.
UDS or UT-Urine drug screen or Urine Test
Verification-This is the first step in gaining insurance coverage where the patient’s plan is confirmed and the payment balances if any are provided to the patient. This is usually done by the treatment provider.
Vivitrol– An opioid agonist medication- opioid receptor blocker-non-narcotic used in the treatment of opioid and alcohol-related disorders




Family Counseling Services

Livengrin understands that active addiction affects more than just the patient. Families and loved almost always share the fear, shame, and endure emotional and financial hardship that comes with active addiction.

Livengrin Family Support includes the free Day of Enlightenment. This resource is open to the public and requires no registration. This basic three-hour program is available on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Livengrin feels that this basic information is so important that we actually require all visitors who wish to see their loved one in treatment attend this program.

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Day of Enlightenment

This vitally important program helps the family learn and adjust their thinking and feelings, and prepare for what everyone hopes will be a sober life for their loved one.

Families and other caregivers will learn how to take care of themselves, how to stop their own enabling behaviors, and how to help the patient adapt to a life without drugs or alcohol. A family therapist will help you understand the background of addiction – the genetic, biological, environmental, and other aspects of the disease.

See the complete list of Livengrin programs for the family, including our parents group, Livengrin Perspective for Parents.

Mark Your Calendar: Come to the next Day of Enlightenment to get ready for a sober life for your loved one.

Learn: Educate yourself on addiction and recovery.

Fun: Make sure that you all have time to enjoy yourselves.

The staff at Livengrin Family Services helps families and loved ones heal themselves and, in the process, foster a new relationship with their person in treatment that is most conducive for recovery.

Livengrin Family Support includes the free Perspectives for Parents Group. This resource is open to the public and requires no registration.

Family Groups

Livengrin knows from experience and research that the family also needs to recover from the loved one’s addiction. They’re usually experiencing frustration, guilt, anger, disappointment, and fear. Commonly, family members adjust their thinking and behavior to deal with the addicted person. Here are some things you will learn at Livengrin:

  • The basics of addiction and the mind
  • “Enabling” vs. “Helping,” boundaries
  • Managing expectations for the patient’s return home (his or hers and yours)
  • Terminology of the disease: “Pink clouds,” “PAWS,” etc.
  • Medically Assisted Treatment/Vivitrol
  • Ongoing supports available both through Livengrin and the community for family/loved ones
  • 12-step recovery for the family

livengrin drug alcohol detoxSee the complete list of Livengrin services for the family.

For more information, contact the Family Program via email: family@livengrin.org

Support: Seek caregiver support and begin to try and change the only thing you can - you! It’s the only way to help your loved one.

Remember: I didn't cause it, I can't change it, I can't control it, and I can't cure it.

You: Take care of yourself, go to meetings yourself, get help for yourself, this is a family disease.

Livengrin Family Toolkit

The Livengrin Family Toolkit brings basic addiction and recovery resources to the families affected by the disease of addiction.

livengrin drug alcohol detoxLivengrin Family Services
Discover all of the services Livengrin offers to support and educate families through the addiction process. Help break your loved one’s addiction by learning to restrict exposure to specific medications.

livengrin drug alcohol detoxLivengrin Lehigh Valley Family Education Program

livengrin drug alcohol detoxLivengrin Detaching with Love
Learn more about understanding, the importance of self-care, and the emotions that are intertwined with your loved one’s problem.

livengrin drug alcohol detoxLivengrin Do and Do Not List
Learn the “do’s” and “don’ts” of your relationship with your recovering loved one.

livengrin drug alcohol detoxLivengrin What Why Who of Addiction
See the reasons for “chemical dependency” and whom it affects.

livengrin drug alcohol detoxDay of Enlightenment Program
Family members, loved ones, and friends ages 14 and up, are welcome to attend our family education program, Day of Enlightenment, to learn about the disease of addiction.

livengrin drug alcohol detoxMedications to Avoid
A list of prescription and over the counter drugs, and other common household products to avoid in recovery.

livengrin drug alcohol detoxPerspectives for Parents
Join the weekly Livengrin Parent Support Group to learn and discuss such topics as healthy boundaries, effective communication, and the importance of self-care.

Livengrin Family Calendar

See the Livengrin Calendar to stay up to date on all Livengrin family events.

livengrin drug alcohol detox

Basic Glossary Terms: Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment


The Brain from Top to Bottom is a user friendly website on the brain and developmentwww.thebrain.mcgill.ca/flash/index_i.html
Genetic Science Learning Centerhelps you take a closer look at the genetic componentwww.learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/addiction/genetics
National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) is an excellent resource for information pertaining to mental health/co-occurring disorderswww.nami.org
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) offers information on the physiological effects that substances have on the bodywww.nida.nih.gov/NIDAHome.html
Pennsylvania Recovery Organization Achieving Community Together (PRO-ACT) provides resources, workshops and fun eventswww.proact.org
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) supplies statistics and data on chemical dependency and recovery rateswww.samhsa.gov
For California-Therapist Finder is a search engine designed to help you find a therapist by location, specialty and insurance providerswww.therapistfinder.com
Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)www.adultchildren.org
Al-Anon Information service of the Delaware Valleywww.aisdv.org
Al-Anon & Al-a-teenwww.al-anon.alateen.org
Because I Love You (BILY) is a non 12-step support group for parents onlywww.bily.org
Codependents Anonymous (CODA)www.codependents.org
Dual Recovery Anonymous for those with co-occurring disorderswww.draonline.org
Family Anonymouswww.familiesanonymous.org
Grief Recovery After Substance Passing (GRASP)www.grasphelp.org/meetings
One Recovery is an online social network for those in recoverywww.onerecovery.com
Recovering Couple’s Anonymouswww.recovering-couples.org
The Support Group Project helps you find a local support groupwww.supportgroupproject.org
Rehab warning signswww.addictioncareoptions.com/ten-warning-flags-untrustworthy-rehab-facility
Sobriety calculatorwww.play.google.com
Sobriety calculatorwww.itunes.apple.com/us/app/sobriety-coin/id1121107267?mt=8
Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.www.buckscounty.org/LivingAndWorking/drugandalcoholcommission/DrugAlcoholTreatment
PA Gambling Commissionwww.gamingcontrolboard.pa.gov/?p=66
Bucks County Recovery House Assocwww.bucksrecoveryhouses.com
AA meeting listwww.aasepia.org/meetings
AA South Jersey meeting listwww.aasj.org/pages/meetingHome2.html
AA Central New Jersey meeting listwww.centraljerseyintergroup.org/meetings
NA Eastern Pennsylvania meeting listwww.eparna.org/meetings/meetings-map/
NA Greater Philadelphia meeting listwww.naworks.org/find-a-meeting
NA New Jersey meeting listwww.narcoticsanonymousnj.org/meetings
CA Pennsylvania & South Jersey meetingwww.caphilly.org/about/
CA New Jersey meetingwww.nj-ca.org/index.php/find-a-meeting
AL-ANON Pennsylvania meeting listwww.pa-al-anon.org/?post_type=tsml_meeting
AL-ANON Delaware Valley meeting listwww.aisdv.org/meetings.html
AL-ANON New Jersey meeting listhttp://www.nj-al-anon.org/al-anon-meetings-2
Nar-Anon Family Meeting Groups listwww.nar-anon.org/find-a-meeting

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