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Philadelphia’s Premier Addiction Recovery Service Since 1966

A lot can change since 1966 – and addiction treatment is certainly no exception. Remaining a top treatment provider for 60 years is a constant effort, one that involves continuously evolving with medical innovation and adapting to societal perceptions of addiction to best address all areas of recovery. Our treatment model is completely flexible, based on the ability  to keep up with the ever-changing world of addiction recovery needs.

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Livengrin’s Knowledge Leadership Series

An education series.

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Treatment for Healthcare Professionals

Support for our front line heroes.

Patient Referral

Refer a loved one for addiction treatment.

First Responders
Addiction Treatment (FRAT)

Specialized recovery for law enforcement, fire, EMS, & military personnel

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Healthcare Professionals
Addiction Treatment

Offers discrete and effective addiction rehab services for nurses, doctors and other clinical professionals

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Family Assistance

Helping the entire family to heal and understand their vital role in supporting loved ones

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Employee Treatment &
Workplace Strategies

Expertise and assistance for employers in the Philadelphia area dealing with substance abuse in the workplace

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