Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Statistics and Stigma Around Growing Accounts of Addiction in the Workplace

Statistics show that addiction treatment for professionals is more common now than ever. The professional world is faced with a lot of stressors and expectations, and different factors contribute to substance abuse. Therefore, navigating recovery in the professional world can be tricky for multiple reasons, such as a business culture of using alcohol or other drugs, issues with work/life balance, and expectations surrounding public safety, among other factors. This Alcohol Awareness Month, we focus on the growing trend of addiction in professionals and the relief that the right resources can provide.

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drugs (NCADD), more than 70% of those abusing illicit drugs in the U.S. are employed professionals. The majority of those in this category abuse alcohol. [1]

Details and issues around substance abuse may vary depending on the different types of professionals affected, as different jobs have different levels of stress, access to illicit materials, and cultural expectations. For example, SAMHSA found that almost 4.4% of people working in healthcare have a problem with heavy alcohol consumption.[2]

Regardless of industry or issue, Livengrin offers special counseling and rehabilitation to help professions get back on track with being successful in their careers and, more importantly, leading a healthy and addiction free life. With multiple specialized options, including outpatient treatments and specific services for healthcare professionals, we are prepared to face recovery, together. Contact us at 215-638-5200 or at

If you suspect you or a loved one may have a substance abuse issue, Livengrin is here to guide you down the path of recovery. Contact us at 215-638-5200 or for more information.




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