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Drug Rehab for Healthcare Professionals

For healthcare professionals suffering from drug or alcohol dependencies, Livengrin’s specialty healthcare addiction program offers a unique setting to address this unique situation. Through this rehab program, patients come together to find encouragement from others in similar life situations, share experiences, and learn new ways to approach their profession and its many stresses. Assistance with return-to-work preparation and building relationships with external support and monitoring groups is also part of the healthcare professionals rehab program. Once you experience together, you’ll never have to go back to alone.

  • Development of focused treatment plans and comprehensive return-to-work evaluations
  • Consultation with state licensing and/or disciplinary boards to address specific issues
  • National network of support for sustainable recovery

Seeking Treatment

Expectations from other healthcare professionals can often place added barriers to recognizing the disease of addiction and accessing adequate treatment. This compounds the consequences and impact of substance misuse, abuse, and dependency and what makes healthcare professionals rehab so important.

Comprehensive Assessment

Nurses Lifeline utilizes a multidisciplinary extended assessment process encompassing many factors that surround both the patient and the addiction such as physical and mental health, the workplace, stress caused by expectation of peers and supervisors, as well as family and social relationships, legal issues, and collateral data collection from multiple sources.

Licensure Board Collaboration

Our clinical team specializes in collaborating with alternatives to discipline, peer assistance, and state licensure boards around the country to support our nurses and ensure that each receives comprehensive and individualized care.

Healthcare Professionals Rehab Services Offered


Residential Rehabilitation

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

General Outpatient (GOP)

Return to Work Services

Unique Services

Nurse only specific group therapy

Nurse specific peer support

Individual therapy

Drug safety and drug refusal

Nurses Lifeline alumni meetings

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