Addiction Treatment for First Responders

Our First Responders Program specializes in treating emergency responders and military veterans on our private 44-acre campus in Bucks County, PA. First Responders Addiction TreatmentThis one-of-a-kind program supports First Responders and their families to face this challenge in their life with the same courage, respect and sense of duty that they have dedicated to their career and community. 

Seeking Help

First Responders experience some of the most stressful and dangerous situations in modern life. Yet, society and often their own peer groups demand that they remain in control and suppress the fear and trauma that comes with their profession. When control of their drinking or drug use slips away, seeking help often feels impossible. Left hidden, their problem almost always gets worse.

The First Responders Program treats alcohol and drug dependence, as well as trauma and PTSD.  Our program peers have worked extensively in public safety and understand the unique challenges their fellow officers face. Whether you are active-duty or retired, Livengrin can help.

The program helps first responders return to a sober life. You can conquer addiction and return to your family and community as a respected professional with this treatment program that serves the particular needs of first responders and veterans.

Program Overview

  • Onsite recovering peers 
  • Focused individual and group counseling 
  • Family education & support group
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.) 
  • Nutritionist & Dietitians 
  • Physical fitness area
  • Connection to First Responder 12-Step meetings 
  • Facilitate return to work agreements with unions and EAP’s 

For more information on the First Responders Program, contact us: 800-245-4746 or email

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