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Reflecting on 60 Years of Addiction Treatment Innovation

July 12th marks the 56th birthday of Livengrin. Therefore, we are taking a moment to reflect on just how far we have come. Take a look at the journey that has taken our addiction treatment into the 21st century – and beyond.

A History of Treatment

In 1966, North America was experiencing a breakthrough in addiction and mental health treatment.  Psychoactive drugs developed the decade prior became the focus of experimentation and treatment (methadone, for example).[1]  Because of these changes, mental health legislation, largely passed by President John F. Kennedy, brought about the first government-funded initiatives for those struggling with mental issues as well[2]

A Continuum of Care 

Today, Livengrin offers Medication Assisted Treatment, a scientifically-backed program that combines behavioral therapy with monitored and safe medication distribution. Therefore, the program reduces cravings and and sets patients on the path to recovery.

Along with this, we now understand the psychological and physiological connections to addiction, resulting in our programs for treating co-occurring disorders. We even offer specialized programs for veterans, doctors, and LGBTQ+ individuals, tailoring their healing journey to their lifestyles.

A lot can change in almost 60 years, but our dedication to treating all patients with the most educated and holistic methods possible has always stayed the same. Learn more at





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