Richard Gere Gives to Livengrin

Richard Gere donates to Livengrin Foundation

via Molly Eichel –

Richard Gere went method after filming “Franny” in Philadelphia last year.

In “Franny,” Gere plays a philanthropist and addict who embeds himself in the lives of a young couple, played by Dakota Fanning and Theo James (who just hit box-office gold this weekend as Four, the male lead in “Divergent”). I hear that Gere donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Livengrin Foundation, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers servicing the tristate area.

Gere, who was born in Philly and received the Marian Anderson Award in 2007, is no stranger to giving. He’s known specifically for his work fighting AIDS/HIV and for working with the people of Tibet.

“While every gift we receive is appreciated and extremely helpful, this contribution will not only help provide treatment for patients in need, but will also help focus attention on the issue of addiction in our society and remind people that help is available, and recovery is possible,” said Richard Pine, Livengrin’s CEO.No release plans have been set for “Franny,” but I’ll certainly keep you updated when I hear.

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